Supporting you to build inner strength and find presence, peace of mind and appreciation in your day to day life.

Courses and Workshops

Build up a regular mindfulness practice, learn how to meditate, explore your emotions and thought patterns, and pick up some useful models and tools to help boost your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Research shows that mindfulness, when learned through a structured programme and practised in daily life, can help break the cycle of anxiety, stress, unhappiness and exhaustion.

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Being mindfully present and resilient in your life doesn’t just happen. It’s all about practice, but what you practise is what’s really key. Rather than practising unhelpful thought loops and self-criticism, how about self-acceptance and compassion? Practice, not to make perfect (plot spoiler – perfect doesn’t exist!) – rather, practice to make permanent.

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If you’re craving some time to reset, go inwards, give yourself some space and love, and nourish your body, mind and soul in a beautiful setting, it’s time to invest in YOU. These retreats have been called magical, uplifting and empowering – because they are.

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“​​To be 'well' is not to live in a state of perpetual safety and calm, but to move fluidly from a state of adversity, risk, adventure or excitement, back to safety and calm, and out again. Stress is not bad for you; being stuck is bad for you.”
Emily Nagoski

The ‘MiND.U Life’ offerings will help you cultivate:

  • Improved focus and attention
  • Better self-awareness and emotional regulation
  • Increased resilience and ability to manage stress
  • More presence, peace of mind and joy in your daily life
  • Self-compassion and reduced self-criticism.

What exactly ismindfulness?


  • Be more present and aware of our inner and outer climate in our daily lives
  • Cultivate an attitude of curiosity and openness over judgment and criticism
  • Gently accept and befriend ourselves and the world around us – even when things are not as we would like them to be
  • Turn towards rather than away from difficult thoughts, emotions and circumstances without paralysis or overwhelm.


  • Give us the opportunity to be more present in our lives and more resilient through uncertainty and challenges
  • Broaden our perspective and dial down our internal judgement and catastrophising
  • Dial up kindness, self-compassion and clarity so we start to see the thoughts and behaviours that don’t serve us
  • Help us use this insight to make better choices, cultivate more meaningful relationships and focus on what matters most.

Pillars of Joy (3 day retreat)

Connect to your joy and flourish in your life.

This 3-night retreat has been lovingly designed to help you cultivate joy in all areas of your life. With a unique blend of mindfulness, movement, dance, play, laughter, and connection, you’ll explore the many layers of joy and why it’s one of the foundations of a life lived well. You’ll learn how to savor appreciative joy; an emotion that can open you up to life’s beauty, clarity, contentment, and the many possibilities available to you in any given moment.
Embracing these practices will allow you to feel a deep sense of gratitude, cultivate enthusiasm, and awaken your inner state of bliss.
23-26 May 2024 at Cape South Wellness Retreat, Waimarama, Hawke’s Bay.
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  • In person
Time Duration
3 nights
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Mindfulness & Emotional Wellbeing Coaching

“You are the sky – everything else is just the weather”.
– Pema Choudron

Would you like to learn how to:

  • Better regulate and understand your emotions
  • Manage stress, racing thoughts and ‘brain fog’
  • Improve your self-compassion and general mental health?

We can help you better understand the landscape of your mind through bespoke coaching tailored to your needs, personal experience and goals. We use a combination of mindfulness, emotional wellbeing and MBiT coaching techniques. You’ll learn methods and techniques to raise your self-awareness, change how you react and respond to stress and other difficult emotions, and improve your productivity, happiness and attitude toward self-care.

“We spend a lot of time judging ourselves harshly for feelings we had no role in summoning. The only thing you can do is control how you handle it.”
– Dan Harris, Author of Ten Percent Happier

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  • Remote
  • In person
Time Duration
50 minute sessions
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Finding Peace in a Frantic World (8-week online course)

There’s a reason this is one of the most popular mindfulness courses around. Developed by the Oxford University Mindfulness Foundation and based on the bestselling book of the same name, this programme has been designed to teach simple and powerful mindfulness practices to people looking to break the cycle of stress, unhappiness, anxiety and mental exhaustion.

Take control of your wellbeing and happiness and rediscover enjoyment and contentment in your life. During weekly sessions, you’ll be guided through gentle but powerful proven practices to uncover and put into practice the innate resources you have to live your life feeling calm, vital, confident and resilient.

This online course may suit you if you’re unable to attend the MBSR course due to time or location constraints.

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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course (8-week face to face mindfulness course)

Give yourself the gift of presence and join Lotty on this 8-week journey that is the gold standard in mindfulness courses. Develop more focus, self-regulation and resilience, cultivate more balance, and build more effectiveness, presence and wellbeing in your everyday life.

During the weekly group sessions, you’ll learn about mindfulness, including how to practice and bring the teachings into your life. This is an experiential course, so you’ll not only learn the theory and science but will spend time practising and experiencing mindfulness techniques firsthand. The course also includes a full-day silent retreat where you’ll pull together and integrate all the practices you have learned.

Upcoming course dates:

    • 12 February 2024
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  • In person
Time Duration
8 x weekly 2.5 hr sessions and 1 full-day silent retreat
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FreeGuided Meditations

STOP Practice - A Space To Pause In The Present

A simple meditation to switch you out of autopilot and ground you in the present moment. You can do this practice anywhere at any time to bring some mindful awareness and perspective into your day.

Loving Kindness Meditation

This Loving-Kindness exercise is a generative practice. The intention is to cultivate the qualities of love, kindness, compassion and friendliness that is within all beings.

Body Scan Mindfulness Practice

The body scan practice is designed to help develop a mindful awareness of bodily sensations, and to relieve tension wherever it is found. Research suggests that this mindfulness practice can help reduce stress, improve well-being, and decrease aches and pains.

Mountain Meditation

This practice is an adaptation of Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mountain Meditation. This meditation is designed to help you become more grounded in your everyday life by prompting you to access your stability and inner strength.


“We were spoilt with a wealth of mindfulness knowledge, love, held in a supportive retreat environment, nourished with delicious food, and luxurious accommodation.”

Nourish & Be, April 2022

“The Nourish & Be retreat has many, many highlights. All aspects of the retreat were managed seamlessly. It was a wonderful experience from start to finish.”

Nourish & Be, April 2022

“I could not recommend this retreat more. Our common experience and growth as souls was far more important than any differences. It was a warm and supportive group beautifully held by Lotty, Jackie, Matt and Bridget.”

Nourish & Be, April 2022

“Lotty was amazing, the yoga, workshops, breathwork and Noble Silence made the whole 3 days a very nourishing and wonderful experience.”

Nourish & Be, April 2022
“Thank you for offering this course. It has been a powerful for subtle changes in my life that are having big impacts. I feel lots of people need this in their lives”
Sarah Yarrall
MBSR Participant

“Thank you so much Lotty. You are fantastic. I felt safe. I have learnt so much more than I ever expected”

Rosendo Upton 
MBSR Participant

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