Get to know the people that make up MiND.U

Being ‘human-centred’ may sound like a given. But the truth is, in a world where we’re faced with constant distractions, along with increased complexity, challenge and expectation, we often make reactive decisions that move us further from what truly matters. MiND.U combines experience and the latest research to help workplaces, leaders and individuals flourish in this ever-changing world of challenge and opportunity.

“My mission is to support leaders, teams and organisations to be fully human and positively transform from the inside out, helping them to focus on what matters most so they build a culture, environment and life where they truly thrive.”

– Lotty Roberts


Hi, I’m Lotty Roberts. Thanks for getting curious and visiting MiND.U. I’m a mum, wife, friend and former senior leader of large teams and transformation programmes. I have been guiding organisations to lead and navigate through change, challenge and uncertainty for nearly 25 years.

Faced with a combo of personal health, work and lifestyle challenges, I explored mindfulness as a way of navigating through this. I experienced firsthand the power mindfulness and emotional intelligence hold for us as humans, in the workplace, as leaders, parents, partners, friends and in all aspects of our lives.

I founded my business MiND.U to bring together my passion, hands-on experience and skills to integrate mindfulness, emotional intelligence and resilience techniques into the DNA of how organisations work, leaders lead and individuals roll. These practices can truly help people better understand themselves, perform at their best and navigate the ups, downs and inevitable curveballs of life.

To find out more about me and my story through change click here.


  • 25 years working in organisations, specifically in change and leadership
  • Leading change and transformation delivery and competencies
  • Change adoption, resilience and agility
  • Worked in a variety of delivery environments including scaled agile and Kanban
  • Emotions and mindfulness in the workplace specialist
  • Leading leaders and building high performing teams
  • Building trust and psychological safety
  • The power of self-compassion
  • Former sponsored NZ distance runner


  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Teacher (Through MTIA)
  • Emotional Culture Deck Certified Master Level Consultant and Facilitator
  • PROSCI Change Management Certified
  • Advanced Teacher Training: Teaching Mindfulness in the Workplace (Through OMF)
  • ‘Finding Peace in a Frantic World’ Teacher (Through Oxford Mindfulness Foundation – OMF, Oxford University)
  • Level 1 SOMA Breathwork Instructor
  • 200hr YTT Yoga Teacher
  • Mental Health First Aider Certified

Meet the The MiND.USupport Crew

Jackie Mexted, MiND.U Coordinator

Part Marie Kondo, part fairy godmother Jackie is the MiND.U Coordinator (extraordinaire). Enthusiastic, smart and ninja-level organised, Jackie is a hugely valuable team member. She manages website enquiries, helps plan logistics around client engagements, manages the MiND.U diary – and is Lotty’s chief support crew behind the scenes. 

  • I am...a mum of two amazing kids and a past long-time competitive and elite runner. Born and raised in Wellington, I love working in areas that motivate, uplift and are healing to people and animals.
  • I’m happiest when …I’m out in nature either running or walking on trails and up in the hills and taking the time to just sit and be in the moment
  • I always make time for... spending quality time with my hubby, family and friends, listening to my favourite music, reading books and learning and playing my guitar.
  • I believe in… speaking our own truth, the importance of creating life balance and ‘playing’ with life, as well as listening to our inner wisdom/intuition.

Marika Leigh, MiND.U Online Business Manager & Change Consultant

Marika is MiND.U’s part-time change angel who is next level organised and super experienced at guiding people through change with gracious calm. Marika loves being creative and efficient in equal measure and works on optimising MiND.U offerings, collateral design and strategic planning. 

  • I eternal optimist. I believe life is what you make it so why not make it great?
  • I’m happiest when..I’m at home, or travelling. I love both equally, and both are better when I’m hanging with my squad (my hubby and 3 kids)
  • I always make time for...spending time with friends, yoga and getting enough sleep. All of these help me to feel my best self.
  • I believe in..being open to new things, being kind to others, and experiencing everything life has to offer


“Change is as much about letting go of the old as it is embracing the new. You have to let go to move forward.”

Young Lotty was the one who liked to get top marks, come first in sports and always had her hand up in class saying, “Pick me! Pick me!”. I was a list-maker, applying the logic of “do the hard work and the results will follow” in all areas of my life. This work ethic has followed me into adulthood, but not quite in the way I expected.


I tried my hand at many jobs in my 20s including a project for British Telecom, involving major changes that would affect their staff at a fundamental level. As a natural communicator, I found myself the designated ‘people change’ person on the project. Back then I had no experience in the field of change other than empathy, the ability to listen, a desire to engage with others and a deep willingness to care for and support them as seamlessly as possible. I soon discovered these are some of the key attributes for leading change.


Over the years, my experience working in change deepened, as I led high-profile change and transformation roles in various companies. I worked hard in the office, but also beyond work, where I trained hard as a national-level distance runner. Sprinkle in becoming a mum to three boys, along with my Type A personality, and I should have seen the perfect storm of burnout brewing.

Then, the wheels fell off. I burnt out, got sick and – hey presto! My tidy and controlled life started to get rather messy. I’d helped so many others through change, I thought I had it sussed. It turns out that changes in my own life came up to bite me.


It wasn’t a nice place to be, but this period was one of the best learnings of my life. I was reminded that change is the only constant; it’s not just a theory, it’s a reality. Change isn’t reserved for the workplace, rather it runs through our lives like water. The key to surfing its inevitable surging waves lies in the one area where we have ultimate control – our minds. And with that realisation came the beginnings of MiND.U.

LOTTY'S fun facts:

  • A proud New Zealand citizen since 2018. Originally from the UK, I’ve lived in this beautiful country since 2005.
  • Bionic and had to learn to walk again after a double hip replacement in 2016. My recovery was a humbling and empowering journey that taught me the power of stillness and wisdom that arises from slowing down.
  • A qualified yoga teacher, completing my 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2017. Since then I’ve continued to teach and upskill as a yoga teacher, discovering many of those yoga teachings are beneficial way beyond the boundaries of the yoga mat.
  • A breathwork instructor. The breath has deep physical and mental health benefits to relieve the ailments caused by the modern world, of which there are many.
  • With my husband and three sons, who bring me endless joy.
  • In the kitchen experimenting or preparing nourishing food for family and friends
  • In nature – lying in a field, hiking in the hills, swimming in the ocean or hugging a tree. (Yes, I do really hug trees. Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it!).
  • A good belly laugh, the type that makes your abs hurt more than crunches the next day.
  • Daily meditation. Life may be busy, but I know that everything feels way easier, clearer and less crazy when I make the time to be in stillness with my body, breath and mind.
  • Singing and dancing like no one’s watching. What I lack in talent I make up for in enthusiasm.
  • Reading good books and listening to podcasts. I drink up books and podcasts like good coffee. Hit me up for my fave recommendations.
  • The power of walking to solve problems and create lightbulb moments. I traded running for walking, which I find an amazing way to think and cultivate ideas.
  • Boundaries. I talk about this a lot in my work and work hard to practise it in my daily life. This means saying no sometimes, knowing my limits, not giving myself a hard time and reminding myself I can’t drink from an empty cup.
  • The human heart. It sounds obvious but I think we can lose faith easily in the essential goodness of human nature. Most people want to do the right thing, but can get distracted or lose their way and may simply need a bit of help and support to come back to what’s truly important in their heart.