Understanding and putting people first is absolutely paramount to me.     My key intention, in the work I do, is to be a catalyst for positive change, so that the people I work with feel enabled, motivated, skilled and empowered to move forward for the good of themselves, those around them and their organisation.

What I Do



I offer interactive, engaging and thought provoking workshops that hit the spot. You can choose from my prepared workshops designed to help organisations create change ready and mindful cultures.  

  • Navigating Change – The Mindful Way (4 hours)

  • Leading Change – The Mindful Way (4 hours)

  • Emotional Culture Workshop (4 hours)

  • Change Management Fundamentals (4 hours)

  • Communicating & Influencing through Change   (4 hours)

  • Leading Project Change Essentials (2 Day workshop)  

Alternatively I can work with you to craft a workshop to a specific challenge or opportunity you want to address in relation to change, workplace culture, leadership and mindfulness. 

Public Speaking

I mix evidence based research with story telling of my personal experience to date.  Popular presentations include;

  • 6 mindful ways to navigate change well

  • Change is the new black

  • Mindfulness  as a superpower for leadership & Wellbeing

Key notes are either tailored to your needs and audience or I can deliver one of the presentations above. It’s important to me that I deliver a fun and engaging speech that makes people think and reflect.





I work with you to understand your needs, challenges and opportunities.  I can provide consultancy on the following;

  • Developing strategies for delivering and leading change
  • Building change capability and frameworks
  • Change Adoption Strategies
  • Developing strong change leadership and sponsorship
  • Cultivating mindful workplaces

I will set you up for success, providing practical advise and support that works for you.

Mentoring & Coaching

My mentoring and coaching services centre around leading change, mindfulness and mindful leadership. I provide personal coaching for a limited number of clients that are committed to developing and understanding themselves better.



Mindfulness courses based on the MBSR programme, these will give you the essentials to begin your mindful journey. Mindfulness isn’t woo woo; it’s a science, because it’s backed by evidence-based research, proving its a powerful little superpower to help you in our world of distractions, expectations and complex problems.

Service for good

Each year I commit time working for charitable causes or social enterprises that need my skills and services but limited funds.  Feel free to reach out if that’s you and we can discuss whether I’m able to help to your cause.

“The energy of the mind is the essence of life” – Aristotle

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