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Being mindfully present and resilient in your life doesn’t just happen. It’s all about practice, but what you practise is what’s really key. Rather than practising unhelpful thought loops and self-criticism, how about self-acceptance and compassion? Practice, not to make perfect (plot spoiler – perfect doesn’t exist!) – rather, practice to make permanent.

1:1 coaching can support you to be more resilient, perform and focus better, and notice the preciousness of life – all those little moments that can so easily be missed. Private coaching can help you incorporate mindfulness and emotional wellbeing techniques into your day-to-day, so you feel calmer, stronger, and more present with a new sense of clarity and perspective in your life.

“Unlike self-criticism, which asks if you are good enough, self-compassion asks what’s good for you.”

– Kristin Neff

Mindfulness & Emotional Wellbeing Coaching

“You are the sky – everything else is just the weather”.
– Pema Choudron

Would you like to learn how to:

  • Better regulate and understand your emotions
  • Manage stress, racing thoughts and ‘brain fog’
  • Improve your self-compassion and general mental health?

We can help you better understand the landscape of your mind through bespoke coaching tailored to your needs, personal experience and goals. We use a combination of mindfulness, emotional wellbeing and MBiT coaching techniques. You’ll learn methods and techniques to raise your self-awareness, change how you react and respond to stress and other difficult emotions, and improve your productivity, happiness and attitude toward self-care.

“We spend a lot of time judging ourselves harshly for feelings we had no role in summoning. The only thing you can do is control how you handle it.”
– Dan Harris, Author of Ten Percent Happier

  • Delivery Options
  • Remote
  • In person
Time Duration
50 minute sessions
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Courses and workshops

Build up a regular mindfulness practice, learn how to meditate, explore your emotions and thought patterns, and pick up some useful models and tools to help boost your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Research shows that mindfulness, when learned through a structured programme and practised in daily life, can help break the cycle of anxiety, stress, unhappiness and exhaustion.

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If you’re craving some time to reset, go inwards, give yourself some space and love, and nourish your body, mind and soul in a beautiful setting, it’s time to invest in YOU. These retreats have been called magical, uplifting and empowering – because they are.

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“Lotty’s standout leadership traits centre around her vision for change, tenacity to make it happen and ability to tell a story that resonates strongly with her audience. The passion she has for what she does cascades through the teams of people she leads. In my time working with Lotty, I first hand experienced her ability to motivate, coach and mentor those around her to achieve great things and realise their full potential. Lotty challenges the norm and breaks new ground to make things happen – something all great leaders must have the confidence to do.”

Ben Gamble
Delivery Capability and Assurance Manager, Bank of New Zealand

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