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If you’re craving some time to reset, go inwards, give yourself some space and love, and nourish your body, mind and soul in a beautiful setting, it’s time to invest in YOU. These retreats have been called magical, uplifting and empowering – because they are.

You’re invited to take part in a variety of nourishing, self-care practices such as breathwork, meditation, yoga, mindful movement, emotional wellbeing exercises and much more. You’ll leave a retreat grounded, nurtured and inspired by ideas and practical steps to help you flourish in life.

“Rest is, quite simply, when you stop using a part of you that’s used up, worn out, damaged, or inflamed so that it has a chance to renew itself.”

– Nagoski sisters

Pillars of Joy (3 day retreat)

Connect to your joy and flourish in your life.

This 3-night retreat has been lovingly designed to help you cultivate joy in all areas of your life. With a unique blend of mindfulness, movement, dance, play, laughter, and connection, you’ll explore the many layers of joy and why it’s one of the foundations of a life lived well. You’ll learn how to savor appreciative joy; an emotion that can open you up to life’s beauty, clarity, contentment, and the many possibilities available to you in any given moment.
Embracing these practices will allow you to feel a deep sense of gratitude, cultivate enthusiasm, and awaken your inner state of bliss.
23-26 May 2024 at Cape South Wellness Retreat, Waimarama, Hawke’s Bay.
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3 nights
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Courses and workshops

Build up a regular mindfulness practice, learn how to meditate, explore your emotions and thought patterns, and pick up some useful models and tools to help boost your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Research shows that mindfulness, when learned through a structured programme and practised in daily life, can help break the cycle of anxiety, stress, unhappiness and exhaustion.

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Being mindfully present and resilient in your life doesn’t just happen. It’s all about practice, but what you practise is what’s really key. Rather than practising unhelpful thought loops and self-criticism, how about self-acceptance and compassion? Practice, not to make perfect (plot spoiler – perfect doesn’t exist!) – rather, practice to make permanent.

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“We were spoilt with a wealth of mindfulness knowledge, love, held in a supportive retreat environment, nourished with delicious food, and luxurious accommodation.”

Nourish & Be, April 2022

“Lotty was amazing, the yoga, workshops, breathwork and Noble Silence made the whole 3 days a very nourishing and wonderful experience.”

Nourish & Be, April 2022

“The Nourish & Be retreat has many, many highlights. All aspects of the retreat were managed seamlessly. It was a wonderful experience from start to finish.”

Nourish & Be, April 2022

“I could not recommend this retreat more. Our common experience and growth as souls was far more important than any differences. It was a warm and supportive group beautifully held by Lotty, Jackie, Matt and Bridget.”

Nourish & Be, April 2022