Do you want to Flourish from
the inside out?

Mindfulness Culture Leadership Change
MiND.U helps you build mindful workplaces, leaders and lives, so you can embrace the power of emotions, lead with presence and navigate change with more ease.

MiND.U is led and run by big-hearted founder Lotty Roberts, a master in emotional culture and consultant in mindful workplaces, leadership and change.

  • Lotty is the first (and currently only) accredited Emotional Culture Deck Master Facilitator in the world.
  • Lotty has trained with some of the world’s best including the Oxford University Mindfulness Foundation (OMF) and Mindfulness Training Institute of Australia and New Zealand (MTIA).
  • Lotty is a delivery partner for Awaris, a global leading workplace mindfulness consultancy, with a wide portfolio of workplace mindfulness training programmes based on the most up-to-date research

The MiND.Udifference

Our mission is to help you as an organisation or individual find mindful ways to flourish in a hectic, busy, sometimes-overwhelming and ever-changing environment. We’re here to help you embrace the power of presence, and avoid – or recover from – a feeling of languishing or burnout. Once you experience this, you will see there is a BETTER WAY TO LIVE – promise.

These three pillars guide the MiND.U mission, which is to enable you to:

Courageously feel

Tap into the intelligence of your emotions and the power they have to transform your workplace, leadership and personal life for the better.

Mindfully flourish

Bring the ancient wisdom of mindfulness together with the latest science on mental wellbeing to flourish from the inside out.

Tenderly flow

Embrace the practice of tender discipline to help you find that sweet spot of flow state. Finding balance requires regular adjustment to focus on what truly matters and let go of what doesn’t - being kind to yourself in the process.
“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”
Jon Kabat-Zinn

MEET FOUNDER,Lotty Roberts

I’ve been guiding organisations to lead and navigate through change, challenge and uncertainty for nearly 25 years. I’m a former senior leader of large teams and transformation programmes. I discovered mindfulness to help me navigate a combo of my own personal health, work and lifestyle challenges and experienced firsthand the power it holds for workplaces, leaders and our wider lives. Through MiND.U, I now carefully blend my hands-on experience, training and skills to integrate mindfulness, emotional intelligence and resilience techniques into the DNA of organisations and individuals. This helps them better understand themselves, perform at their best and navigate the ups, downs and curveballs of life.



“Lotty is a wonderful guide and coach.  She has supported us beautifully on our journey.  This has helped us to do more of the things that enhance our people’s experience at work and less of the things that don’t, transforming our culture in the process.  Lotty brings wisdom, humour and insight to the work she does.  We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Lotty and recommend the work she does for anyone interested in cultural transformation.”

Amanda Thorpe
Head of People and Culture TMNZ

“It was a good reminder that emotion does play an everyday part in our roles as leaders and it gave some real tangible skills in dealing with it.”

Previous Workshop Participant
Emotional Culture for Leaders Workshop

‘Lotty has a natural talent to present in a natural and fun way which engages the team and encourages participation. She also brings all the contributions together in a cohesive manner and you actually get real tangible outcomes. She also has delivered fantastic results through coaching.

I can’t recommend Lotty enough – her industry knowledge in terms of team wellbeing, culture and mindfulness is amazing – but its her translation of this through her delivery and engagement which sets her apart.’

Jon Mellors
Director at Darvill Mellors & Co

“Lotty completely captured the hearts and minds of our leaders and is continuing her work with us by offering Change Leadership sessions for our Executive and General Manager’s. It’s my absolute pleasure to highly recommend Lotty to you. The value she’s added, and her insights have helped us move forward in our pursuit to increase the project and change management capabilities of our middle leaders. We are well on the way with our journey thanks to Lotty’s advice and input.”

Heather Compton
Learning and Capability Manager, Healthscope

“Lotty’s standout leadership traits centre around her vision for change, tenacity to make it happen and ability to tell a story that resonates strongly with her audience. The passion she has for what she does cascades through the teams of people she leads. In my time working with Lotty, I first hand experienced her ability to motivate, coach and mentor those around her to achieve great things and realise their full potential. Lotty challenges the norm and breaks new ground to make things happen – something all great leaders must have the confidence to do.”

Ben Gamble
Delivery Capability and Assurance Manager, Bank of New Zealand

“Thank you so much Lotty. You are fantastic. I felt safe. I have learnt so much more than I ever expected”

Rosendo Upton 
MBSR Participant

“Lotty’s delivery, process and content is accessible, energising and impactful. It shifts people. We hear Lotty’s language in the business all the time – it lasts.”

Heather Kean
Director People & Culture, T&G Global Ltd

“This was a great way to break the technical and theory mode and get to the heart of people-centred change. LOVED IT!”

Previous Workshop Participant
Leading Through the Emotions of Change

“Lotty spoke at a corporate leadership conference I organised in September 2018 and was an absolute pleasure to work with. One of the things I really appreciated about Lotty was how keen she was to understand as much about the audience as possible, which made her presentation relevant and personalised. Her presentation was very well-received, with a number of our leaders saying it was a highlight of the conference.”

Haley Coe
Director , The Halo Effect

“This workshop will help anyone wanting to cultivate meaningful conversations about what is really happening at work. A fun and interactive way to develop human-centred leadership skills and make emotional chats accessible for everyone”

Previous Workshop Participant 
Emotional Culture Workshop

“Lotty delivered workshops at our management offsites: Navigating Change the Mindful Way and it was outstanding! It was incredibly well received by the entire team, many of them have since been talking about it weeks later, letting me know how useful they have found it both in a professional and personal sense. We are now working on our leadership development so we continue to deliver meaningful coaching, mentoring and training sessions. I’m looking forward to continuing our collaboration! Thanks heaps Lotty!”

Donna Darlington
HR Manager , Yealands Wine Group
“Thank you for offering this course. It has been a powerful for subtle changes in my life that are having big impacts. I feel lots of people need this in their lives”
Sarah Yarrall
MBSR Participant

“Lotty’s facilitation of several creative workshops played a pivotal role in the development of our new service offering and business model. Lotty’s lightning fast mind and unwavering focus on customer experience moved us from overwhelming amounts of information and ideas, toward a succinct and clear service offering. Lotty is an easy presence, super-professional, deeply thoughtful, empathic and a brilliant strategic facilitator. We’re thrilled that Lotty continues to want to be a part of our ecosystem and continue to collaborate going forward.”

Sarah Tuck
Co-Founder , Coliberate

“Lotty is an absolute inspiration, she lives and breathes changing peoples lives by surfacing feelings in a professional and organic way. Her energy is magnetic. If you want to invest in your people, invest in Lotty and watch the magic unfold”

Desiree Purvis
Emotional Culture Workshop

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