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Helping turn your vision for change into reality

Change is tricky, it’s a slippery little sucker, because ultimately, you don’t have control of all the moving parts.  However, you do have control of the intention of what you are trying to achieve through the change.  

With the right mindset, techniques and approach, making that intention a reality is completely within your grasp. This is the same whether you are a large company or smaller business, a senior exec or team leader, or even an individual simply trying to live a fulfilled and meaningful life. 

My name is Lotty Roberts – the founder of ‘Mind U’. I am a Change and Leadership Consultant with over 20 years experience helping organisations successfully work through and deliver change.

I help businesses and individuals lead and navigate change, effectively and mindfully, so they get the results they aspire to, while remaining resilient, motivated and ready for the next wave of inevitable change that’s just around the corner.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds, cannot change anything” – George Bernard Shaw



Change is as much about a way of being as a way of doing.  

I help you set up the mindset, capability and approach to land and navigate change, so the good stuff sticks without the unwanted baggage.


Change without leadership is chaos, change with poor leadership is anarchy.

I work with leaders to help them understand, embody and do what it takes to lead and support their people through change, creating trust, belief and willingness for what lays ahead.


Life is happening now –  how can you fully live it if you aren’t present.

I give guidance, techniques and coaching on how to stay present, resilient, creative and clear minded, in a busy and constantly changing world.

here Are ways I can Help you.


My workshops create change ready and mindful cultures or can also be tailored to a specific challenge or opportunity you want to address. I am also available to assist you with your own workshops, if you need an outside facilitator with no skin in the game.

Public speaking

I’m a down to earth and energetic speaker. I inspire audiences with evidence based facts,  and personal stories, plus I am not afraid to show my vulnerable side, along with some humour and fun mixed in. I have popular prepared keynotes or can adapt something for your audience.

Consultancy & coaching

I provide consultancy and coaching on all things change, leadership and mindfulness related. I have extensive experience setting up teams and growing capability, culture and practices to enable businesses to transform. I work with people to make their vision become a reality they can feel, see and experience in a positive way.

Testimonials & Feedback

Lotty completely captured the hearts and minds of our leaders and is continuing her work with us by offering Change Leadership sessions for our Executive and General Manager’s. It is my absolute pleasure to highly recommend Lotty to you. The value she has added is evidenced and her insights have helped us move forward in our pursuit to increase the project and change management capabilities of our middle leaders. We are well on the way with our journey thanks to Lotty’s advice and input. .

Heather Compton -

Learning and Capability Manager, Healthscope

Lotty spoke at a corporate leadership conference I organised in September 2018 and was an absolute pleasure to work with. One of the things I really appreciated about Lotty was how keen she was to understand as much about the audience as possible, which made her presentation relevant and personalised. Her presentation was very well-received, with a number of our leaders saying it was a highlight of the conference.

Haley Coe

Director , The Halo Effect

Lotty’s delivery, process and content is accessible, energising and impactful. It shifts people. We hear Lotty's language in the business all the time - it lasts. 

Heather Kean

Director People & Culture, T&G Global Ltd.

Lotty delivered workshops at our management offsites: Navigating Change the Mindful Way and it was outstanding! It was incredibly well received by the entire team, many of them have since been talking about it weeks later, letting me know how useful they have found it both in a professional and personal sense. We are now working on our leadership development so we continue to deliver meaningful coaching, mentoring and training sessions. I'm looking forward to continuing our collaboration! Thanks heaps Lotty! 

Donna Darlington

HR Manager , Yealands Wine Group

Lotty's facilitation of several creative workshops played a pivotal role in the development of our new service offering and business model. Lotty's lightning fast mind and unwavering focus on customer experience moved us from overwhelming amounts of information and ideas, toward a succinct and clear service offering. Lotty is an easy presence, super-professional, deeply thoughtful, empathic and a brilliant strategic facilitator. We're thrilled that Lotty continues to want to be a part of our ecosystem and continue to collaborate going forward."

Sarah Tuck

Co-Founder , Coliberate

Tailored, well-prepared, personable, evidence-based, practical and relatable - words I would use to describe Lotty's presentation. Lotty provides a high-level of care for the work she does which is wholly evident in the quality- thank you!"

Evotia-Rose Araiti

Organisation Design Business Partner, Frucor Suntory

Lotty’s standout leadership traits centre around her vision for change, tenacity to make it happen and ability to tell a story that resonates strongly with her audience. The passion she has for what she does cascades through the teams of people she leads. In my time working with Lotty, I first hand experienced her ability to motivate, coach and mentor those around her to achieve great things and realise their full potential. Lotty challenges the norm and breaks new ground to make things happen - something all great leaders must have the confidence to do.

Ben Gamble

Delivery Capability and Assurance Manager, Bank of New Zealand

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