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Vulnerability is a state that we all face at some point in our lives. It’s uncomfortable and unpleasant, but a reality of being human.  Rather than face into that reality, we often go out of our way to avoid vulnerability, or to hide our vulnerable side for fear that others may think less of us as a result. 

I know that was the case for me, until one day  I showed up raw and real and shared my story.  Not just the edited version that showed my high points and shiny bits, but also my low points, struggles and mistakes. Rather than facing the rejection I feared the opposite happened, people reached out, connected and related to me better.

During this podcast I will interview people about their views, experiences and stories around vulnerability with the intention of inspiring and helping others so they start to embrace vulnerability and see the potential for growth and connection with others.

Listen to my intro episode (link below) that gives a bit more information on my story and the inspiration behind this podcast. 

Intro Episode Feb 2019

 The Inspiration behind this podcast 

Lotty Roberts

In this brief introduction episode Lotty Roberts shares a bit about her story along with the background and inspiration behind this podcast.

It’s a short listen at 12 minutes long but will give you an idea of the backstory around how this podcast came to be and what Lotty is trying to achieve through encouraging others to share their stories and experiences around vulnerability.






Bonus Episode March 2019

Loving Kindness Guided Meditation 

Lotty Roberts

This episode is a Loving Kindness meditation in remembrance and support for all those affected by the event of the Mosque shootings on Friday 15th March in Christchurch. This event was such a violation on the community and those impacted, of which the ripple is far and wide.  In times of grief and suffering, the attitude and intention of love, kindness, and compassion is a supportive energy, that helps ground us, connect us and hold our hand as we work through it. 









Episode #5 June 2019

Body Breakdown to Self Acceptance 

Katie Clitherow

Katie is a wife, mum, health enthusiast and also the ‘filter-free’ voice and mind behind the popular social media page and website – ‘Clean Eats From A Filthy Mouth’. Through this page, Katie shares a lighthearted look at food, fun, and the ‘dirt and drudgery’ of anti-glam, everyday life.

Katie’s journey in life so far has been a colourful and sometimes challenging path. She’s dealt with an eating disorder and exercise obsession, the loss of a partner through suicide, infertility, and IVF, and has had to face up to with the scary reality of her body falling apart too early, resulting in a total hip replacement at the age of 38. While all of these things have presented major mental and emotional challenges at the time, she has learned some very valuable, and often very difficult life lessons about patience, kindness and acceptance – towards others, but also far more importantly towards herself.




Episode #1 Feb 2019

Facing loss and fearing judgement

Mereana Beconcini 

Mereana Beconcini is a marketing consultant, mum, and host of the ‘Finding your truth’ podcast (which you can find on iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube). Mereana by her own admission has had a fantastic life; “good career, wonderful loving family and a great husband……Nothing really bad ever happened to me” – up until 3.5 years ago when she faced a deeply traumatic experience that cracked her heart open, the loss of her baby when she was 23 weeks pregnant.

Mereana has gone on to have 2 healthy beautiful babies. However, the experience of losing her first child has had a defining impact on how she leads her life today.      



Episode #3 April 2019

Embracing Midlife Changes

Belinda Benn

Belinda Benn is a ‘Women’s Health and Hormones’ expert. Belinda’s work is focused on helping women in their 40’s and 50’s overcome the challenges of midlife, with a special focus on hormonal changes and perimenopause. 

After her difficult divorce at 40, Belinda left the corporate world to travel and start life afresh. Along the way she faced many vulnerabilities both physically and emotionally. She believes this has shaped who she is today and helped her become more compassionate.

At 55 Belinda is now helping women who are struggling with perimenopause, so they can feel better physically and emotionally.

You can find out more about her program at:


Episode #6 July 2019

Finding the courage to perform as yourself

Wade Jackson

Wade Jackson is a speaker, author and high-performance coach. Wade’s journey to become a specialist in high performance began in Japan aged 18, where he earned two of his three black belts in martial arts. Living as a minority set him on a path of holistic thinking and over the years he’s gained a deep understanding and appreciation of other cultures, traditions and beliefs. He spends his days working with NZ’s most forward-thinking organisations around leadership, resilience, creativity and storytelling and at night he teaches and performs improvised comedy. Wade and his wife Evie are ambassadors for Home & Family Counselling, a community-based service providing professional counseling to individuals, couples and families. Wade is passionate about the need to normalise the conversation around counselling. 

Find out more about wade at


Episode #2 March 2019

 A journey to self

Maria Gorham 

Maria is the owner of Hot Yoga Wellington and believes she is now living the life she was always meant to and couldn’t be more grateful about her journey so far, even though it includes illness, heartbreak and many other challenges that have seen her get up close and personal with vulnerability many times. Maria says yoga saved her soul and the principles of yoga have allowed her to let go and take some courageous steps towards love and forgiveness, both with others but mostly with her own self.

Maria believes there are many paths we can take as humans, for Maria that path has been yoga, which makes her role in the community of yoga a fulfilling and passionate one- constantly connecting, believing, growing, and learning – all towards what matters most – LOVE


Episode #4 May 2019

 Healing the Body Using the mind

Cheryl Bowie 

Cheryl is founding director of ‘Mind Coach’, a  coaching consultancy aimed at delivering coaching to leaders across New Zealand.  Her journey in life has seen her face many personal challenges, starting at the age of 18, where was diagnosed with the serious auto-immune disorder – Crohn’s disease.  This major event, at a time when she was wanting to be a typical energetic, vibrant and driven young adult, really challenged her expectations, but also sparked her curiosity around the power of the mind.  She experimented with her mindset, using meditation, affirmations, and visualisation to manage and ultimately eliminate the disease.  This interest now extends into her coaching practice where she uses mindfulness, neuroscience and our internal narratives as tools and information for managing our thinking, our stress as well as the overwhelm and overstimulation facing many leaders today.  She shares how her compromised health was the ultimate form of vulnerability and shares some of her philosophies for self-care and tuning into the body’s wisdom..

Episode #7 August 2019

Exploring Anxiety, Imposter Syndrome & the ‘F’ Word

Jeremy Dean

Jeremy Dean is the founder of riders&elephants, a leadership company that helps leaders reimagine the way they understand and ‘get’ their people and customers. A lot of this involves using simple tools to unlock emotionally honest communication about workplace culture and customer experiences. Jeremy believes that structured “F-word conversations”, about how people truly feel in their workplace and how they want to feel, are the key to lifting culture and performance.

In 2018 riders&elephants successfully launched ‘The Emotional Culture Deck’, their first card-based tool which is at last count used by 5,000 leaders worldwide in 20 countries (and growing by the day), at organisations including Xero, Starbucks, Westpac, Air New Zealand, Infusionsoft, Panasonic, Daimler, and New Zealand Rugby, gave them the inspiration and confidence to develop ‘The Customer Experience Deck’, which they launched this month (july). You can back it now on Kickstarter here:

To find out more about ‘Riders & Elephants’ and ‘The Emotional Culture Deck’ click the link below.




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