Mereana Beconcini

Mereana Beconcini is a marketing consultant, mum, and host of the ‘Finding your truth’ podcast (which you can find on iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube). Mereana by her own admission has had a fantastic life; “good career, wonderful loving family and a great husband……Nothing really bad ever happened to me” – up until 3.5 years ago when she faced a deeply traumatic experience that cracked her heart open, the loss of her baby when she was 23 weeks pregnant.

Mereana has gone on to have 2 healthy beautiful babies. However, the experience of losing her first child has had a defining impact on how she leads her life today.

It’s a short listen at 12 minutes long but will give you an idea of the backstory around how this podcast came to be and what Lotty is trying to achieve through encouraging others to share their stories and experiences around vulnerability.

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